37th Alice Prize 2012

Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, NT Australia. Opening: Friday 11 May 2012.  Exhibition: Saturday 12 May – Sunday 10 June 2012

‘The 2012 Alice Prize biennial exhibition will be, as always, engaging and provocative. It features a broad range of media from assemblages in 2D, paintings, sculptures and drawings to multimedia, performance art, photography and digital prints. Indigenous and non-indigenous artists from across Australia are represented in the 65 finalists selected from over 380 entries.

Nick Mitzevich, Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia, will judge the winner of the $25,000 Prize (acquisitive). He joins a long list of distinguished judges from the top echelons of the Australian art establishment who have contributed to building a notable collection, and a significant record of Australian contemporary art, for the people of Central Australia.’

Presented by the Alice Springs Art Foundation

© Carmel Wallace

Desert Colony, my work for this exhibition, hangs as if waiting for unknown hatchlings to emerge. The cocoon form symbolises the sense of change now brewing in nature and the possibility of new life being nurtured by our creations. This form seemed appropriate for responding to unfamiliar desert landscapes – for capturing stories, places and memories that survive and develop long after a journey has ended. I began with newspaper and some earth-stained rope, adding objects found on the ground at roadside stops. Discarded fencing-wire I formed into a breathing cocoon of desert air; black fishing-net echoes burnt terrain; blue rope the surprise of water; green the life it nurtures; and cable-ties the sharpness of spinifex . . . (Carmel Wallace 2012)

Coral: Art Science Life

13 Feb – 1 Sept 2012 Macleay Museum The University of Sydney

Fringing the Australian coastline is 50,000 sq km of living reefs – just under one fifth of the world’s total reef area.

These densely populated habitats of tropical waters house about 25% of all ocean species. Despite their vital role in a healthy ocean, 10% of the world’s reefs have already been ecologically destroyed. It is estimated that half of the world’s reefs will collapse by 2020. The bounty and beauty of these living structures and the fragility of their future was the impetus for this exhibition.

In Coral: art four artists exhibit works that explore our relationships with this fragile waterscape. In Coral: science the work of four University scientists demonstrates the importance of research for understanding the reefs and their future. In Coral: life two schools in the Torres Strait share their vision of living on the reefs of the Coral Sea.

This exhibition features some of my 3d pieces, including new work commissioned for this project.

 Carmel Wallace




‘Books …beyond words’: Artist Books Award 2011

East Gippsland Art Gallery, 2 Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale, Victoria 3875 Australia.         6 August – 3 September 2011

Books …beyond words explores the idea of books evolving beyond their conventional physical and conceptual boundaries. It includes work from all over Australia as well as from overseas including USA, France, Switzerland, UK and Germany.

A Country Reader 2 comments on western culture’s rationalist compartmentalizing of knowledge epitomized by the book of subject headings that is the basis of this work. As a reminder of natural processes and other more intuitive ways of viewing the world, I introduced waterborne pigments to its pages, allowing them to settle and leave traces as the water evaporated. The random patterning disrupts the very particular categories of knowledge listed in the book of subject headings.
 Carmel Wallace (photograph by Margund Sallowsky)

The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize

16 July until 4 September 2011 at the South Australian Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000 http://www.thewaterhouse.com.au

Mapping the Waters, series 5 #1 has been Highly Commended and will tour to Canberra to be shown at the National Archives of Australia from 23 September until 13 November.


Stony Rises exhibition in Horsham

The Stony Rises Project (A NETS Victoria touring exhibition developed by the RMIT Research Institute  http://netsvictoria.org.au/the-stony-rises-project/) 9 July – 4 September 2011 @ Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Victoria Australia. Open Tue – Fri 10am – 5pm   www.horshamartgallery.com.au

To be officially opened Friday 8 July 6pm by Dr Ruth Pullin, Guest Curator of Eugene von Guerard: Nature Revealed at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.

 Carmel Wallace

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