The Beauty of Early Life. Traces of Early Life

26 March – 24 July 2022

ZKM centre for art and media, Karlsruhe, Germany

The Beauty of Early Life. Traces of Early Life exhibition flyer

Lake Life, a  suite of prints I created during a residency at SymbioticA [University of Western Australia] is included in this exhibition that takes us on a journey back through time to the origin of life. How did life first get started? Where can we still find traces of the earliest life forms today? Why is it important to look at the past in order to develop an understanding of why biodiversity is so relevant in today’s world? There are scientific predictions that more than one-third of all living species are threatened with extinction because of the effects of human activity. Since the very beginning of life, organisms depend on and influence one another. Living things do not exist in isolation, they live off and with each other. Therefore, we have all long been aware that life itself is threatened on planet Earth. The exhibition invites us to look at the emergence of life through artistic works from modern times to the present, complemented by scientific exhibits from the early days of life, right now, at this crossroads of a global climate and biodiversity crisis.