Into the woods

23 April -26 June 2022

Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool Victoria Australia

Carmel Wallace, Into the Woods, solo exhibition [detail 1 ]Warrnambool Art Gallery 2022
Carmel Wallace’s solo exhibition Into the Woods developed from walks in her local forest, the Cobboboonee in southwest Victoria. It honours trees for their beauty and contribution, acknowledging their vital role in climate change. The artworks also give new life and meaning to discarded materials with their embedded histories enriching new forms. Wallace’s approach is a multidisciplinary one, with stories of place a rich source of inspiration. The exhibition includes the video and sound work INSCRIPTION [co-created with cinematographer Peter Corbett] that takes viewers on a journey into the Cobboboonee. The Inscription path [shown also on the black wall above] created an observational focus as we contemplated the micro and macro elements of this environment.