Earth Canvas

17 July – 29 August 2021

Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt Gambier, South Australia

Earth Canvas exhibition at Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt Gambier SA, with Carmel Wallace’s commissioned work Earth Tiles: Sampling Glenhuntly Farm in the foreground.                                                       Photo: Tim Rosenthal

Working at Liam and Sarah Brokensha’s property, Glenhuntly, for Earth Canvas was a perfect opportunity for me to extend parameters and experience regenerative farming in action. I decided to focus on soil as its health and vitality underpin productivity, the core of regenerative farming philosophy.  My work for this exhibition has been created using samples of the major soil types at Glenhuntly, strengthened with both organic and inorganic materials found at the sites around the farm from which these samples were obtained.

Ref. Art Guide AUSTRALIA July/August 2021 p.210                                         [Listing by Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre]