This is a Maquette Show

MARS Gallery Melbourne 8 Aug – 2 September 2012

from the MARS Gallery website:

Sculpture is the art of intelligence
‐ Pablo Picasso
[MARS] Gallery is in full swing of preparations for a unique show in August this year, a Maquette show featuring works by Australian sculptors.
The story began a few months ago, when a letter was sent every sculptor on the database and since that day we have been inundated with hundreds of e-mails and letters from sculptors all over the country, willing to be part of the show.
We are aware of the high costs associated with producing large scale works and saw this as a fantastic opportunity to not only assist with costs but also by providing a space to showcase the extraordinary ideas, talent and techniques of Australian sculptors. We encouraged sculptors to create new works, but in essence provided no guidelines or restrictions; the response has been both overwhelming and humbling.
We now have a well rounded list of emerging, mid-career and renowned artists, in no particular order, Cathyann Coady, Adrian Spurr, Matthew Harding, Jane Valentine, Jud Wimhurst, Melissa Cussell, Zoe Amor, James Kenyon, Anna Griffiths, Julie Collins, John Derrick, Bill Sampson, Greer taylor, Giles Ryder, Penny Algar, Deidre Walsh, Graeme Base, Mike Nicholls, Joanne Mott, Nicholas Jones, Geoff Ricardo, Robert Hague, Anthony Vanderzweep, Brendan Taylor, Evan Demas, Christabel Wigley, Kerry Cannon, Mimi Dennett, Tsvia Shapir, Liz Walker, Frank Malerba, Nicole Loder, Joanna O’Toole, Anton Hasell, Mattt Chaumont, Christabel Wigley, Loretta Quinn, and  Carmel Wallace.