Exhibition in New York coming up!

© Carmel Wallace_The End of May_archival digital print_V low res                       © Carmel Wallace  The End of May archival digital print on 300gsm cotton rag paper, edition 30 with 3 A/P

This is my work for 40° 42′ N /37° 48′ S  a combined New York /Melbourne print exhibition at  National Arts Club Gramercy Park, New York, NY from October 26 – November 8, 2014

Curators of Melbourne work: Dianna Gold & Dr Carmel Wallace. 

Curator of NY work: Dr. Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints & Photographs, Museum of the City of New York

 Our joint New York /Melbourne exhibition is listed on the 2014 New York print Week program along with print exhibitions at major institutions such as the Guggenheim and MoMA.


and a poem about my work . . .

the end of May
gusts  animate falling plane leaves / a farewell curlicue dance / through thinning air /
collins street 5pm /crisp leaves crackle and crunch / beneath determined feet /
melbourne in autumn / quieter walks on leafy carpet / softened by rain /
and amongst fallen leaves / other seasons’ ends / rest and curl      Carmel Wallace 2014


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  1. Trevor Flinn says:

    I’ve just travelled by tram down Collins Street en route to Southern Cross station. So your poem really struck a chord. Thanks for sharing it Carmel. I had no idea you wrote poetry. Have you always written poetry? I’d love to read more at some stage. Best of luck for the NY show. I’m sure the piece will resonate there. Cheerio, Trevor

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