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‘Landscape Constructed’ 4 March 2017 – 12 June 2017 Warrnambool Art Gallery

A selection of 3D and 2D works from Warrnambool Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

‘One of Warrnambool Art Gallery’s most famous paintings, Tower Hill by Eugene von Guerard (1855) is the earliest pictorial record we have of Tower Hill. As such, it is used as a primary source of evidence used by rangers today to reconstruct, rehabilitate and re-vegetate the site which was once denuded and destroyed by European settlers.  However accurate this painting is (over 15 specific native plant species can be identified in the work), the fact remains that Tower Hill is being reconstructed through the vision of von Guerard.
This exhibition takes a look at how landscapes are constructed and de-constructed all the time both physically and in our imaginations. The works chosen depict different aspects of the Australian landscape such as the rugged coastline of the southwest, the Dreamtime YawkYawk, the plantations of the Portland area and the stunning sunsets and sunrises of our region.’  http://www.thewag.com.au/exhibition/landscape-constructed
James Gleeson ‘Sky Divisions Gathering’ 1989
Carmel Wallace ‘Forests to Have and to Hold’ 2012



‘four’ exhibition @ PAC, Portland Victoria Australia

'four' invitation @ PAC March 2015 sml

This exhibition includes my newly finished installation Bare Bones of the Cobboboonee

© Carmel Wallace_Bare Bones of the Cobboboonee 2015
Bare Bones of the Cobboboonee 2006 -2015  copyright Carmel Wallace 2015
This work began as an investigation into the inner life of our local native forest, the Cobboboonee. Mimicking the style of many a naturalist before me, I collected specimens  for a work to be created as part of the Great South West Walk Art Project in 2006. However, to be properly seasoned the wood needed to be oiled and stored, so it is only now that I have it ready to show. Whittling away the bark became a meditative exercise. I felt rather like a surgeon, or a miner, as I cut back the bark to uncover the richness of the bare branches – the bones of the trees – beneath. 
A short film of the work, including some footage of the Cobboboonee Forest here:  https://vimeo.com/132408467
© Carmel Wallace_Bare Bones of the Cobboboonee 2015_detail
Bare Bones of the Cobboboonee 2006 -2015  copyright Carmel Wallace 2015